Cadastral Systems ETHZ-HS2017
Instructor: Dr. Daniel Steudler Last update: 22 Aug. 2017

This course is scheduled for Wednesday afternoons, 16h45-18h30.

The first lecture will take place on 20 September 2017 in HIL D53

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Brief description of subject:  Cadastral systems are up-to-date land information systems containing records of interests in land (e.g. rights, restrictions and responsibilities). They usually include a geometric description of land parcels linked to other records describing the nature of the interests, the ownership or control of those interests, and often the value of the parcel and its improvements. A cadastral system may have been established for fiscal purposes (e.g. valuation and equitable taxation), legal purposes (conveyancing), to assist in the management of land and land use (e.g. for planning and other administrative purposes), and enables sustainable development and environmental protection (based on "Statement on the Cadastre", FIG, 1995).

Goal of course:  The students should get an understanding of the nature, role and importance of cadastral systems and their related concepts of land administration systems and spatial data infrastructures (SDIs). To this end a range of local and international approaches both in developed and developing countries will be reviewed.